This projects goal is to explore the intricacy of art book design according to a specific artist and their style. The challenge given was to embody this specific artist in designing a hardcover book jacket and a few inside spreads.

leaning into the wind

The chosen artist is Andy Goldsworthy who is a sculptor, photographer and environmentalist who specifies working with nature. His work is very special because he takes what nature gives him and creates unimaginable pieces. He is also very hands on which allows him to really embody what the nature is providing him when creating his sculptures.

Design Approach

For the overall theme of the design it was important to emphasize the unsystematic yet calculated art that Goldsworthy produces. The book jacket mainly focuses on highlighting the intricate calculations that go into forming his sculptures.

For the inside spreads, the approach was to incorporate all the aspects of an art book layout with some extra twists to coordinate to his style. Incorporating his name and the chapter pages this way relates to the way his sculptures look by bringing a sense of structure and stability.

The image chosen for the book jacket manifests precise calculation and dedication to make each icicle aligned in a vertical manner. As a contrast, the typography is placed randomly but also systematically to add a sense of dynamism through the cover. The design of the spine is inspired by his often use of repetition throughout his pieces, although not always perfect.


The result of this 15 week project embodies Andy Goldsworthy and his art through the layout and design of the piece. His artistic devotion to nature is celebrated through the various minor details presented within the designs.