This project’s goal is to take a company that existed previously and rebrand its identity into something fresh and modern as if the company was re-opening. Guaranteed Pure Milk Co. is a company that was founded in Montreal which specifies in dairy products.

The challenge for this project is to take the company’s existing identity and change it to make it more appealing to a barista target audience.

Design Approach

The goal of this rebrand is to appeal to an audience that cares about what products they are serving their customers. Also, baristas always have a tendency to appeal to dairy products that give off a sense of ethicality. Along with that, a strong identity can bring all baristas to become to not only the product itself but the design which reinforces its greatness. 

The new name given to the company is PureMilks because it still has a heritage value linking it back to its original name, Guaranteed Pure Milk Co., with a modern twist which is easier to remember. The colour palette chosen depicts an old school vibe alongside a modern typeface used for the logo type.


This rebrand for PureMilks’ identity captures the essence of modernity with a hint of old school to really remind Montrealer’s of its industrial history. Because the local coffee shop industry is becoming more and more popular, this rebrand speaks to the baristas around Montreal by serving their clients with local milk with a modern look.