This project’s goal is to create a poster for the graphic design program’s finishing year’s vernissage. The challenge for this project is that it was up to us to pick a theme that we thought best suited what we have learned and what the future holds for us after graduation. 

Design Approach

After days of brainstorming, the theme gauge it came to mind because when it comes to graphic design and out futures to come we always need gauge our way to a final outcome.

This poster is in parallel with a Nascar theme to also depict that everything is so fast paced and we are always trying to get to the finish line. The vector illustration, which is the main focus in the poster, is an abstract depiction of a gauge that contains a vintage nascar colour palette.


After lots of work and many headaches from illustrator, this poster’s overall message and visual value for the audience represented a take on the program and what the future holds for us future designers.