This project’s goal is to dive into the extensive world of packaging design. The challenge given was to create a fictif company and create an identity based upon the product sold. The one constraint was to include be three products. 

lea kainazarova

Lùa is a company created to promote the importance of womens skincare through elegance and the focus on natural beauty.

The face care Lùa provides is an all natural solution to self care. A woman's skin is something that needs to be celebrated for its beauty.

The three products included in Lùa's facial care kit is a rose infused clay mask, a coffee bean exfoliating mask and a lotus flower facial cream.

taylor cowling
arisa chattasa
jay castor

Design Approach

A minimalist approach is something that is perfectly aligned with the brand identity which lead to two contrasting approaches. The first approach was more light and airy with a pastel colour palette. The visuals depicted the main ingredients and the packaging was in three separate boxes.

For the second approach, the colour palette went from light pastels to dark and alluring with an elegant female touch. The emotions the colour palette brings is a sense of empowerment that reassures the customer that Lùa is the perfect item for them.

The inclusion of an illustration go a half drawn woman embodies the natural qualities the company values. All three masks are packaged into one box and the overall design of this approach manages to represent the three products in unity.


The result of this fifteen week project personifies Lùa in a brilliant fashion. The design embodies and celebrates the woman by an elegant colour palette and packaging design approach. The way that the final design encompasses all three products really shows the audience that, although different, each product has the same outcome; to help women accentuate their beauty.